8 Great Reasons To Go On a Vacation with an RV

Over the years, we have heard many reasons that support the growing popularity of RVing. There are a few that stand out, and may make you consider investing in an RV, or renting for a vacation…

8 Reasons to RV:

1 – Air travel is getting so complex and time consuming that you might as well drive if your destination is under 4 hours. Not to mention, you’ll probably be more comfortable in your own space!

2 – It’s not always easy to bring your pet if you’re flying or staying in a hotel – RVC properties are pet friendly as well as many others.

3 – New friends! People who RV are usually really social; it’s a truly fun lifestyle!

4 – The overall cost of an RV vacation is much less than flying, stretching your vacation dollar much further. Also, while hotel and motel stay is usually $80-$100 (or more) per night, typical RV costs can be as low as $30 per night.

5 – You’ll get to enjoy the ‘great outdoors,’ something most of us want to do more of but don’t get the chance to. And, you have the comforts of your own home.

6 – You can make the traveling aspect of your trip fun; many people I talk to purposely take routes that are scenic so they can stop and take photos, explore new places on the way, etc.

7 – Family time. Quality time is so much more enjoyable when you aren’t cramped in a car or spread out on an airplane next to people you don’t know. Many people agree that this is the best way to travel if you have younger children, too.

8 – Amenities and activities. Research your destination; you will probably be surprised by how nice and accommodating some RV resorts are (especially ours!)

Yale Spina is the Vice President of Operations at RVC Outdoor Destinations, a company that owns and operates five resorts in the Southeast U.S. He also owns an Airstream that he refurbished and loves to travel with.

Guest Post by Yale Spina

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