Single Serve Coffee is All the Rage for RV’ers

While touring around my RV adventures early this spring I’ve noticed quite a change in a very standard morning ritual with fellow RV’ers.  It seems that the institution of single serve coffee has actually overtaken the use of traditional coffee machines.  After my third weekend traveling it was finally time to ask some people what was up with this new fad and the answers do actually make some sense…

1. Typical single serve machines (mainly Nespresso and Keurig) generally have less detachable parts which makes them easier for storage and much more durable on the road.  You don’t have the glass coffee pot banging around the RV or the filter cover moving all over getting lodged between things.

2. The convenience of making is probably the most common answer that was given.  Everyone looking to get an early round of golf in can understand that with a 6:15 tee time, its tough to wait 15 minutes for your coffee, and then another 3-4 for it to cool down.

3. The last one (and this was the one I didn’t see coming) was that people are starting to use them for a variety of drinks.  The same single serve machines that make coffee also come with the ability to make hot chocolate, apple cider, etc. for when people are sitting around the fire at night.

When researching the price of single serve vs. traditional its definitely a bit more expensive, but not as much as you’d think.  You can get a great single serve espresso machine for around $100 on Amazon and capsules around about $1 each through traditional companies, but there are some places that offer compatible capsules that are as low as $.40 per capsule.  All in all, fellow RV’ers are definitely seeing the value in paying a little more for quick a bit of convenience.

Its probably more than likely that none of the single serve coffee companies really market specifically to RV campers, but its interesting how quickly its finding its way into every camp site.

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Must-Have Gadgets for Camping

Woman in TentThe great outdoors is a popular vacation destination for many Americans. According to the Miami Herald, approximately forty million people go camping every year. The vacation is a nice break from the daily routine and allows vacationers to connect with nature. It can be therapeutic to hike up a steep hill after spending weeks in the office.

Before campers strike out on their adventures, they should make sure they have the proper equipment. Vacationers can find all the best gadgets for camping from online retailers like Newegg so they’re prepared for every challenge Mother Nature has to offer.

LED lantern

Building a fire is a traditional outdoor activity, but many campsites require people to extinguish their flames before they go to sleep. The requirements are meant to ensure that the park and its campers are safe at night. Unfortunately, vacationers stills require light sources. Flashlights don’t provide adequate illumination and the batteries likely won’t last the length of a trip.

LED lanterns are the perfect tools for navigating through the dark wilderness. The devices illuminate a wider area and are more durable than standard flashlights. Additionally, LED bulbs last five times longer than their incandescent counterparts. Some models come bundled with batteries so campers don’t have to worry about packing additional power sources for their trips.

Camping Lantern

Digital camera

Many vacationers hike while camping. People take their time and slowly climb steep hills to look down at a beautiful landscape. The scenes are usually breathtaking, and are often once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Hikers should always have digital camera so that the memories can last forever.

Campers aren’t going to use the standard consumer devices to take pictures. Most cameras are fragile and ill-suited for a dangerous trip like a long hike. Fortunately, manufacturers build rugged models specifically for outdoor use. The cameras are usually composed of durable rubber and plastic so they’re safe from the elements. Additionally, some models have network connectivity so that photos can instantly save to a cloud service.

Digital Camera

Satellite phone

Vacationers can easily get lost in the woods, even if they’re in relatively controlled environments like national parks. Satellite phones can help people contact their groups or search parties so they can be rescued and return to safety. The devices always connect to dedicated networks so that campers can always call for assistance.

Smartphones aren’t always useful when it comes to the great outdoors. Most major networks don’t extend to unpopulated areas like national parks, so users can’t find a signal and call for help. Satellite phones allow campers to rest assured that they can always find assistance in the event of an emergency.

Satellite Phone


A satellite phone should be a last resort. Campers should be prepared to get themselves out of any situation and avoid potential danger. A map and a compass may be sufficient tools for seasoned survivalists, but average vacationers might have difficulty using the analog tools.

A GPS should be packed in every camper’s bag before heading out on their trips. The devices can lead users to safety even if they’re off the beaten trail. Many web stores sell various models so shoppers can find the perfect gadget for their trip. For instance, there are handheld versions for short expeditions that hikers can keep in their pockets. Alternatively, rugged models are better suited to every element the great outdoors has to offer.

GPS Device

This is a guest post from Courtney Lee who writes for A digital nomad who enjoys exploring new places, Courtney advises fellow travelers to check out Newegg’s wide selection of digital cameras so that during trips, no special moments will be left un-captured.

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